About Us

Chill Rides Established  2019

Chill Rides is making space for folks who have been marginalized by the cycling community as a whole and who have been affected by the patriarchy.  

 Cycling is predominantly a cis-white-male dominated sport. Chill Rides creates a space for underrepresented folks in cycling to come together, encourage one another, create memories, build confidence and meet other cyclists in an inclusive environment.   

Chill Rides welcomes BIPOC, Non-Binary, Women and LGBTQIA2S+ folks. 

Chill Rides is a "Party Pace" ride, which means we're riding at a slower pace, making lots of pit stops and getting to know one another on the way!


We have a "No Drop Policy" which means nobody gets left behind. Our rides are facilitated by folks of the community that love cycling and want to encourage other folks to use their bike as accessible means of transportation, to reduce their carbon footprint and explore on two wheels.

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